Fieldglass Vendor Management System

The Fieldglass Vendor Management System is used to procure and manage contingent workers, service providers, including statement of work projects, independent contractors and direct hires. The use of Fieldglass enables Yale University to more efficiently procure vendor services, gain greater visibility into the workforce and better manage services spend.

Fieldglass now serves as the single point of contact between ITS hiring managers and the vendors who supply ITS with contingent workers. Hiring managers use the Fieldglass system to request, hire and manage all contractor resources.

This software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution provides:

  • Automated procurement of contingent workers
  • Increased visibility to co-employment risks
  • Vendor and resource metrics to understand best/worst performing vendors and provide data on which to drive continuous improvement
  • Improved vendor communication
  • Simplification of the manually intensive P.O and invoicing process
  • Market intelligence in relation to staff augmentation costs
  • Automated reporting and reconciliation of work hours performed

Managers can log into Fieldglass at