Management Tips

Managing Consultants

The following information applies to consultants who are not included in the Fieldglass system.

If you manage consultants, please remember to forward their timesheets, weekly, to  These are needed for the invoice reconciliation process before payment is made to the vendor and may be forwarded by either the manager or the consultant. 

Whenever manager responsibilities change from one ITS manager to another for a consultant please let Lisa Palumbo know so accurate supervisor records may be maintained.

Be sure to notify Lisa Palumbo whenever a consultant engagement ends, again only for those consultants not in Fieldglass.

The following information applies to all consultants/temporary staff:

When a consultant does leave, please retrieve any University property they had been issued (cell phone, laptop, keys, etc.).  Also retrieve their University ID and return to Lisa Palumbo who will ensure that their access and accounts are canceled.

Staff Resignations

Managers,once you’ve received a staff member’s resignation (leaving the dept., leaving the University, retiring, etc.) please forward their resignation to Blanche Temple so the appropriate paperwork can be completed and forwarded to HR. 

ITS Job Posting Process

Please contact Blanche Temple directly.