Getting Connected

The Yale Network

On campus, you will be connected to Yale’s network either through an Ethernet cable or wifi. You should only connect to the YaleSecure wireless network or Eduroam service.

Eduroam is a secure, world-wide roaming Internet access service developed for education and research communities. You must register to use Eduroam.

YaleGuest is an unsecured wifi network for campus visitors. It offers limited access to Yale resources and should not be used by Yale employees.

To learn more about how to connect to the University’s wireless and Ethernet networks, off-campus access, and device registration, visit the Networks page on the ITS website.


Many academic, research, and productivity software applications are available to Yale affiliates for free or at a substantial discount. To browse and download titles, visit the Yale Software Library.

For more information about software, including recommendations, available discounts, visit the main ITS website.