Mobile Phone Upgrade Procedure

The purpose of the following guidelines is to clarify upgrade eligibility and process for ITS staff who use Yale-issued mobile phones.

Whenever possible, ITS avoids contributing to the growing problem of e-waste. Therefore, we encourage users of Yale-issued phones to think carefully about the necessity of an upgrade. Even when a cell phone is eligible for an upgrade, would a newer model truly offer features that would enhance ease-of-use and productivity? Are those new features available to older models in the form of a software or operating system upgrade?

When a phone is returned for an upgrade, ITS makes every effort to reuse phones in good condition and recycle those that are not. If you have unused Yale-issued phones in your possession, please return them to the Cellular Service Group, regardless of whether they work or not.

Mobile Phone Upgrade Procedure & Guidelines

  • A Yale-issued smartphone or mobile phone becomes eligible for upgrade only after its 24-month contract period has ended.
  • To initiate an upgrade, submit a change request to Telephone Services.
  • All upgraded (or broken) phone must be returned to the Cellular Service Group at the time a replacement device is activated.
  • All phones must be wiped clean of data prior to return. See How to Securely Remove All Data From a Mobile Device.

Reuse and Recycling Phones

  • Returned Yale-issued devices in good working condition will be available to the entire Yale community for use in emergency situations.
  • Returned phones in good working condition may be reissued as temporary replacements for lost or broken Yale-issued phones.
  • Devices in good working condition may be used for testing purposes.
  • Devices not in working condition will be sent to a recycling company for environmentally sensitive disposal.

If you have questions about these guidelines, please contact ITS Cellular Telephone Service at (203) 432-2001.