Service Transition (Plan to Eliminate)

Service Transition (Plan to Eliminate) at Yale ITS

This phase is when a service or offering is at the end of its lifecycle and is preparing to be eliminated.  Care must be taken to transition customers away from the service and to replacements, if applicable, with as little disruption as possible.  It is also important to decommission all of the offerings infrastructure, licenses, contracts, applications, websites and supporting knowledge.  

  1. Work with your Service Owner Committee (SOC) to validate the elimination of the service or offering.
  2. Submit a ticket to the Service Board to request retirement using this offering:  Service Management Consultation
  3. Once retirement is approved, submit a ticket to Internal Communications for help developing a communication plan to eliminate the offering, if applicable (some offerings may not require a communications plan). 
  4. Submit a ticket to the ITS Website service to remove your service web pages. 
  5. Submit a ticket to Managed Servers - Windows (or -Linux, as appropriate) to decommission any local servers and/or applications that support the offering. 
  6. Any customer data associated with the service needs to be securely discarded as a part of server decommissioning.  To assure that this is done correctly and securely, consult with ITS Information Security using this offering.  Work with the Managed Server team used above. 
  7. Work with the application owner to modify the record in ServiceNow to show the correct status of any applications associated with the service offering.  
  8. Retire any knowledge base articles related to the offering. 
  9. If there are vendor contracts, licenses, subscriptions or other relationships with 3rd party providers, submit a ticket to Vendor Management using this offering:  IT Purchasing and Licensing
  10. If there is a listing in the ITS Software Library for software that is associated exclusively for your service offering that will no longer be offered, submit a ticket for the listing to be removed: Software Library
  11. Create a Knowledge Base article explaining that the decommissioning has taken place and making recommendations for alternate solutions, whether they are other Yale or ITS services or 3rd party options.  
  12. Request that the resource plan in PPM associated with the offering is end dated as of the last date time will be entered against the offering: Project Services

According to ITIL

A stage in the lifecycle of a service. Service transition ensures that new, modified or retired services meet the expectations of the business as documented in the service strategy and service design stages of the lifecycle. Service transition includes the following processes: transition planning and support, change management, service asset and configuration management, release and deployment management, service validation and testing, change evaluation, and knowledge management. Although these processes are associated with service transition, most processes have activities that take place across multiple stages of the service lifecycle.