PCard & Out-of-Pocket Expense User Guides for ITS Staff:

iExpense Transmittal process:


If item was purchased on a PCard:

Upon receipt of the weekly email notification from Oracle Workflow [ebsprod@yale.edu] (see email sample below) that a PCard purchase is ready for processing,
  • click “Forward” on the email toolbar (don’t click ‘reply’, the response will not be received by YSS)
  • enter email address to: yss.ems@yale.edu
  • change subject line to: *dept prefix followed by employee legal (not nickname) name, ex. ITSCTS, John Doe, II
  • **provide VIP number and specific business purpose (who, what, where, when and why) under the appropriate sections of the email (VIP or PTAO and Business Purpose (item description, attendees, dates, etc.). See sample PCard notification email at the end of this document.
  • scan copy of receipt(s) >$75 into one PDF and add to the email as an attachment (do not imbed in the body of the email)
  • click send
Best practice is to submit the above information upon receipt of the Oracle Workflow email, but in any case, no later than 15 days after the notification has been received. Submissions will be monitored by the YSSC (Yale Shared Services Center) for timeliness.
(If pcard expenses are for international travel, you must also complete and scan in the “Pcard International travel” form)

To submit out-of-pocket (OOP) expenses:

  • complete the EMS OOP form; please note that domestic & international travel may not be submitted on the same OOP form; complete one form for each type of travel, when applicable
  • scan receipts >$75 into one PDF and add to the email as an attachment (do not imbed in the body of the email; include cancelled check or credit card statement as proof of payment for conference fees, air/rail, hotel, etc., if applicable)
  • mileage reimbursement: Indicate to/from locations, date(s), and total miles. It is not necessary to indicate the reimbursement amount; it will be calculated by the iExpense system upon entry by the YSSC processor. 
  • per diem reimbursement: Specify the date and either full day or the meals (breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner) for each day you’re requesting reimbursement. Per diem rates may be found at: http://www.gsa.gov/portal/category/100120 although it is not necessary to include the rate. Meal reimbursement may be either per diem or actual cost, but both methods cannot be used on the same trip.
  • send email to: yss.ems@yale.edu and cc: joseph.gillick@yale.edu and attach both the out of pocket form and scanned receipts to the email, using the 
  • special subject line formatting as noted above (*dept prefix followed by employee legal (not nickname) name, ex. ITSCTS, John Doe, II)
*Current ITS dept prefixes are:
ITSDIR: ITS Director’s Office (Includes Business Systems Group)
ITSINF: Infrastructure Services (Includes Production Services, Telecom & Data Network Operations)
ITSSOL: IT Solutions (Includes the Office of the CTO, Medicine & University IT Partners, Shared Solutions, & Academic IT Solutions)
ITSCTS: Campus Technology Services
ITSMSR: Office of the CIO
ITSSEC: Information Security
ITSCCT: Campus Community Technologies
**If unsure of VIP or PTAO please contact Lisa Palumbo (Lisa.Palumbo@yale.edu) or Joseph Gillick (Joseph.Gillick@yale.edu)
From: Oracle Workflow [mailto:ebsprod@yale.edu
Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2014 8:23 AM
To: Gillick, Joseph
Subject: FYI: Weekly PCard Transactions Received for Gillick, Joseph
To Pcard Holder’s name
Sent 23-OCT-2014 08:21:52
ID 7188608
This email is to inform the cardholder and his/her designated Expense Management System (EMS) preparers of new weekly Pcard charges that may require attention. The format of the weekly notification provides additional information i.e. charge date (the actual date the expense was incurred), the posting date (date the bank actually received the expense information from the merchant), report number (Expense Report number where transaction has been processed if applicable). Please review the charges and if these charges are not assigned to an expense report, take one of the two actions listed below to process these transactions.
Required Action:
  • If you are the cardholder or initiator of these transactions, and they have not been assigned to an expense report, please provide receipts for all expenses greater than $75, along with documentation of the Business Purpose for these expenses and the list of attendees for any Business Meals to your designated preparer. Contact your business manager regarding who the designated preparers for your department are or for more information on the expense report preparation process.
  • If you are a certified EMS preparer, please log into the EMS system at https://ebiz.yale.edu to create an expense report for any available charges. To minimize work, related charges should be periodically grouped together on reports and not processed individually. Contact the cardholder for any necessary receipts and other required information. 
Note: For further assistance a helpful Toolkit containing quick guides and job-aids can be found at http://yalebiz.yale.edu/transactions/ems-toolkit.
If you have not authorized these charges, contact JP Morgan Chase at 1-800-316-6056 immediately and notify your business office. Disputes must be registered with JP Morgan Chase within 60 days of the transaction date. For all other purchasing card questions please call the Yale EMS Purchasing Card office at 432-3227. Please note that transactions outstanding greater than 45 days may result in credit card suspension.

—- For use by Transmittal Preparers only —-

Serial No

Card Number

Card Holder Name

Charged Amount

Currency Code

Charged Date

Posted Date

Merchant Name

Report Number

Expense Status


Business Purpose
(item description, attendees, etc)











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