Recent communications and policies

ITS Orgs - the “O” in PTAEO when Creating Expenses

As a follow on to the email sent on 06Oct2015 titled “PTAEOs for Services and/or Offerings”, please find attached list of Organizations in ITS.
This list includes the currently approved Oracle Org name, number and responsible manager which will assist you in determining your home “Org” when creating an expense. You will look for your Org Name, your manager (or next level manager) will show as the “Oracle Org Owner”. Read more
As you may already be aware, ITS is transitioning towards a Service Based Budget & Pricing model.  This means all expenses must be attributed to a service/service offering and the associated project number.  Attached is a list of service/service offerings, service owner and project numbers. Read more

Email - How to Request a Contingent Worker

The University policy and process around requesting and documenting contingent workers (non-SOW) changed, effective July 1, 2015. ITS successfully partnered with HR and HRIS to determine the best way to implement these changes to insure compliance with all co-employment concerns and to retain our ability to effectively track and manage our contingent labor workforce. Read more