Communications Planning

A communication plan will help ensure your target audiences receive, understand, and act on your messages at the right time. It is a place to collect, organize, and sequence the high-level communication tasks that need to be accomplished and who is responsible for each of them. 

If you’re planning on doing maintenance or some other one-time work that will have low impact on the community, you may not need a communication plan.  If you’re working on something more complicated, a communication plan is going to help you organize and sequence high-level communication tasks and stay on track.


  • Create a communication plan early in the project and refine your plan as needed.
  • If you are working with Organization Change Management, a change management professional will help with communication planning.
  • Create an ITS Communication Plan (Excel format). Allow ample time for communications and tasks and activities to be performed.
  • Include meetings with IT Partners, DSP teams, Help Desk, and any other appropriate individuals to inform. Include knowledge base articles, email messaging, web pages to retire, and news articles to publish.
  • If the change needs to be brought to the attention of the business community, (e.g. Lead Administrators, Operations Managers and/or the business community), contact Organization Change Management for guidance.

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