ITS PowerPoint Templates

Use the light background “Classic” for most presentations. Use the dark background templates only where you are certain you have excellent projection conditions. See our Notes for more information on the templates.

ITS light background templates

New Website Style
New ITS Website style
  ITS Blue Site Template. 
Blue Site

Other slide resources

End slides. 
End slides
  Slides of Yale University. 
Yale beauty shots (22 MB)
ITS template Photoshop file.
Photoshop file (66 MB)

ITS PowerPoint Template Notes

  • The templates above are in the older PowerPoint 2003 format, so that both 2003 and 2007/2008 versions of Office can read the files.
  • The fonts used are the standard Yale typographic fonts Verdana and Georgia, which are widely available in all recent versions of the Macintosh and Windows operating systems.
  • The various templates above all use the same layout and typography, so you should be able to move between different templates without major reformatting of your slides.
  • The cross-platform conversion between Macintosh PowerPoint and Windows PowerPoint is imperfect, particularly on subtle issues like the position and color of drop shadows. You may need to adjust your presentation typography, depending on your operating system and version of PowerPoint.
  • Most templates include several variations in background images. Use what you like, and discard the other options.
  • We have included the layered Photoshop file of all background graphics. If you have Photoshop, you can use the file to create customized combinations of backgrounds and graphics for your presentations. Save the custom graphics out of Photoshop in JPEG or .bmp format, and then import them into PowerPoint.