Guidelines for Yale ITS Staff on the Use of the Yale Name or Logo

The following guidelines are intended to help ITS staff representing the University through publications, media, and marketing. As a general rule, Yale does not co-publish or engage in promoting a specific product, company or organization. Doing so jeopardizes Yale’s not-for-profit status.

Endorsements / Press Releases

  • Yale does not endorse or grant the use of the Yale name for marketing or advertising of an outside vendor product. 
  • Use of the Yale name may not be used in a way that suggests a preference of one product over another.
  • Yale may be mentioned on an external website when the information being presented is factual or in a resume-like format.
  • Alphabetical listings including the Yale name is permitted, though it should not stand out more than other organizations listed. Please contact Susan West, Office of the CIO, at 436-5906 or for approval.
  • Individuals who wish to pursue professional development and advancement opportunities by working with a vendor may do so, as long as they do not speak on behalf of Yale or ITS, but are solely representing themselves.


  • Publications written for outside organizations that are not affiliated with vendors or for-profit organizations are permitted and preferred (examples include EDUCAUSE, NERCOMP, etc.)
  • If approached by a news source or reporter, request questions be sent via email instead of speaking with them person or over the phone. Anyone individual in ITS organization that gets a call from a reporter should inform their supervisor and contact Susan West, Office of the CIO, at 436-5906 or, for approval.


  • Awards granted by vendors may be accepted on behalf of the organization, however, ITS will not engage in any marketing or endorsements surrounding the award.  Please accept the award graciously, but decline commenting or participating in any marketing or publication endorsing a specific product.

Yale’s visual identity

  • Use of the Yale logo on any non-Yale site, publication or promotional material is not permitted.
  • Use of (a) Yale’s name, (b) the name of any employee, student or agent of Yale, or (c) any trademarks, service marks or trade names owned or controlled by Yale, in any sales, promotional, advertising or other publication, is not permitted without the express prior written permission of Yale.
  • Special circumstances require unique permissions obtained by working with ITS’s Media Contact and Stephanie Schwartz, Yale Director of Marketing & Trademark Licensing. Contact Susan West, Office of the CIO, at 436-5906 for assistance.


  • Attending vendor-sponsored user conferences is permitted, but the above rules apply for any publication, media, or marketing surrounding the conference.

If you are uncertain how to handle any media enquiry, have a unique circumstance or need additional assistance, please contact Susan West, Office of the CIO, at