Handling Press/PR Inquiries

When approached by any member of the media, including the Yale Daily News, or by a vendor for a quote or permission to include Yale’s name on materials, ITS staff members are asked not to respond. Yale ITS employees are not authorized to speak to the press as a representative of the organization without explicit permission.

As a general rule, Yale does not co-publish with or engage in promoting a specific product, company, or organization. Doing so may jeopardize Yale’s not-for-profit status.

If you are approached by a member of the media or a vendor marketing team on any subject:

  1. Do not respond directly
  2. Send the email or contact information to susan.west@yale.edu
  3. When appropriate, we will prepare a response and seek approval from the Yale Office of Public Affairs & Communications.

For more detail, please see the guidelines prepared by ITS Vendor Management and Communications. Please pass this along to anyone on your ITS team that may benefit from the information.

Thank you for your cooperation.