Promote a service

There are a variety of ways you can increase awareness and usage of your services. This is important not only during introduction but periodically throughout the service lifecycle.

During the introduction of a major new service, Organizational Change Management usually is engaged and will coordinate a marketing campaign in collaboration with the ITS Communications Team. At other times, you may engage the ITS Communications Team to assist and advise you.

The following communications channels are just some of the ways you can promote promote your service beyond its service page.


ITS Website & Tech Connection



Need Help or Advice?

The ITS Communications Team can help you create a communications and marketing plan, or provide assistance connecting with campus communications channels.

Contact the ITS Communications Team:

  • Janet Jeddry, Associate Director, Operational Communications, 203-436-2523
  • Roger Ngim, Associate Director, Communications & Outreach, 203-436-5807
  • Susan West, Associate Director, Strategic Communications, 203-436-5906

You may also submit a ServiceNow ticket using the Business Service:

  • IT Strategy and Management > ITS Communications > Communications and Marketing.