ITS Service Decommissioning

The decision to decommission a service should involve technical teams and major stakeholders of the service. Service Owner, Service Offering Manager, stakeholders, and Senior Leadership must approve the decommissioning. The Service Owner Committee should be notified.


  • Create a ITS Communication Plan (Excel format). Allow ample time for communications and tasks and activities to be performed.
  • Plan and execute documentation changes, including knowledge base articles, website pages (e.g. Service page, FAQ, how-to, etc.), and/or policies that need to be updated.
  • Visit the Organization Change Management website to access change management self-service resources and checklists to help you manage your upgrade.
  • Identify technical interdependencies with other systems that may need to be addressed and meet with appropriate teams to plan an alternate solution. Communicate to other areas within ITS that may be impacted, including the ITS Help Desk and DSPs.
  • If the change needs to be brought to the attention of the business community, (e.g. Lead Administrators, Operations Managers and/or the business community), contact an ITS communications team member for guidance.  
  • Post outages on the ITS System Status page
  • Send targeted email to appropriate audiences
  • Terminate ability of new users to request the service and communicate alternate solutions.
  • Notify the ITS Business Office that service is being decommissioned. Coordinate when billing needs to be stopped, understand contract terms and conditions; licensing; fiscal impacts, and assess final disposition of contract.
  • Identify policies that reference the service and notify the policy owner of the change.

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