Service-Related Communications

As a Service Owner or Service Offering Manager, you are responsible for communicating changes to your services, as well as the launching or decommissioning of your service. Use these links to learn how and when to inform the community.

Upgrade Give IT Partners, ITS staff, and the community advance notice of impending upgrades to your service
Change Announce a change in your service, including new features, interfaces, and processes
Decommission The steps and communication requirements for discontinuing a service
Promote Engage the ITS Communications & Outreach team to increase awareness and usage of your service
Survey my clients Learn more about your users and their experiences with your service
Communication Planning A communication plan will help ensure your target audiences receive, understand, and act on your messages at the right time.
Send targeted email Targeted email are sent to announce a new service, change an existing service, or inform users of an outage.