Web Banners & Graphics

Images, banners, graphics, and promos on the ITS Website are great ways to promote your service, initiative, awareness campaign, or event.

  • Main homepage image: This image on the homepage has the highest visibility on the ITS website. A headline, text block and link accompany the image, which is changed weekly. A small banner over the image links directly to the relevant resource or news article.
  • Page banners: Some pages on the ITS website can accommodate wide, shallow banners to give them a bit more personality. (For an example, see the Yale Technology Summit website.)
  • Spot graphics: Small images can enliven a page full of text. We can help locate or create images. Caution: ITS must have the rights to all images published on our public-facing website.
  • Web promos: Promotional graphics for services or awareness campaigns can be placed in the right-most column of popular pages, such as the Webmail Portal.

How to Submit a Request

Designing and producing banners and web graphics takes time. We therefore ask that you submit your requests for design work a minimum of three weeks in advance.

To submit a request in ServiceNow, use the Business service IT Strategy and Management > ITS Communications > Communications and Marketing.

Please include the following in your request:

  • Campaign/service details: Description of the graphic and its purpose
  • Type of graphic: Homepage images, page banner, spot graphic, or web promo
  • Ideas: What kind of image you suggest using
  • Location: Where on the website you would like this to appear
  • Link: Where the graphic should point
  • Dates: When and what duration should this run