Add/Update ITS Website Content

The ITS Website operates under a distributed content management model. That means Service Offering Managers and others who author pages are responsible for regularly updating content and maintain their pages. Drupal sends out notifications periodically to remind you to review your content.

Access and Permissions

Those assigned to create and maintain pages have been granted Author or Editor access.

Permissions associated with the Author role allow you to:

  • Create new pages
  • Submit a new page to an Editor for approval

Permissions associated with the Editor role allow you to:

  • Create new pages
  • Publish and delete pages
  • Edit new and published pages
  • Set a path for the page (URL)

If you have a question about permissions, please contact the ITS Communications Team using ServiceNow.

Guides to Creating and Editing Pages

For information and instructions, visit the Documentation section of the ITS Website. Within the section, you will find:

Need help?

Submit a ServiceNow ticket using the Business Service:

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