Send Targeted Email

Targeted email are sent to announce a new service, change an existing service, or inform users of an outage. Target your email to only be sent to affected users - copy IT Partners and Support Providers when appropriate.

It is your responsibility to write your communication. Broadcast email templates are available and the format should be followed. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please ask. The ITS communications team will proofread, edit, and send your message using our in-house email distribution tool (Message III).

Please allow ample time for the team to review and gather the appropriate approvals. Typically, one to two weeks advance notice is sufficient. Two weeks is preferred.

To request for targeted email to be sent:

  1. Send email request to
  2. For emergency requests, send email to and call the ITS Data Center 203-432-6506.
  3. Provide email address or netID list of users to target - one address per line - no extra spaces or characters.
  4. Special approval must be obtained before sending a message to some University-wide audiences and/or faculty. The communications team will assist you with approvals.

Need Help or Advice?

Contact the ITS Communications Team:

  • Janet Jeddry, Associate Director, Operational Communications, 203-436-2523
  • Elizabeth Labanara, Associate Director, Internal Communications, 203-432-7778
  • Roger Ngim, Associate Director, Communications & Outreach, 203-436-5807

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