Change Advisory Board

Change tickets should be created as soon as it is understood that a change is required.

  • Requests for Change should be ready for evaluation 5 business days before the CAB meeting.
  • Requests for significant or major changes should be ready 14 business days before the CAB.
  • Significant and major changes needing approval before the needed evaluation time will be considered urgent/unplanned and will require a business justification.

There are two CAB types currently within Yale ITS:

Standard CAB

(weekly on Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m. in room 446)

The Change Advisory Board (CAB) delivers support to the change management team by approving requested changes and assisting in the assessment and prioritization of changes.  The CAB helps ensure that changes are managed in a rational and predictable manner by enforcing change management policies and procedures.

You will be invited by the CAB to attend a meeting to present you change to the committee.

emergency cab

(meets in an ad-hoc fashion)

Address requests for change due to an urgent business need that occurs out of the normal change cycle. Typically resulting from an existing Incident, Problem, or outside breach that impacts a critical IT Service that needs an immediate change to correct and should be linked to a specific Incident of Problem. Only the Change Manager or the designee has the authority to approve or reject an emergency change with the advice or recommendations from the eCAB members.

Even though an emergency change may be required, a complete RFC will be required. Such requirements as proper test plans, back out plans and implementation plans will still need to be completed before approval can take place. The created RFC must be emailed by using the email button within the ticket and sent to . This will notify the CAB Members of the emergency change and its details.

Change types

Each kind of change is managed in a slightly different manner.

  • Standard Change
  • Minor Change
  • Significant and Major Changes

Implementation Approval Lead Times:


Approval Lead Times

CAB Required?


(prior to CAB to accommodate assessments)


Urgent - Unplanned

Urgent - Emergency


As Defined



No, unless explicitly defined

No, unless implementation fails or has issues


>= 1 Day

<1 Business Day, Business Hours

<1 Business Day, Non-Business Hours

No, unless explicitly requested by Owner / Change Manager

No, unless implementation fails or has issues


>= 5 Business Days

<5 Business Days, >=1 Business Days

<1 Business Day or Non-Business Hours




>= 14 Business Days Days

<14 Business Days, >= 3 Business Days

<3 Business Days



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