300 George Street, West Campus Data Centers to Merge

March 3, 2017

(Submitted by Lou Tiseo, Director, Cloud Technologies)

Recently the Yale Data Center Consolidation Program (Exit 300GS) relocation project was initiated with the objective of consolidating two data centers—300 George Street and West Campus—into a smaller datacenter footprint in West Campus. As a part of this relocation project both on premise and cloud services will be leveraged for improved colocation and redundancy.

Project Goal

The goal of the project is to migrate the 300 George Street data center to the West Campus (B-25) data center to provide additional reliability, redundancy, disaster recovery, and operational cost savings. The projec team has a target of being out of the 300 George Street data center by June 30, 2018. 

How and When

The team is currently in a planning phase with a focus on the technical readiness and the analysis and disposition the existing of equipment in the 300 George Street data center.

The team is working in partnership with application owners on the disposition effort and move date planning. The first wave of move events is targeted to start in late Q4 FY17 or Q1 FY18 and will utilize a standard equipment relocation process. Quarterly move events are being considered and will be scheduled in partnership with application owners. 

For additional information and inquiries about the Exit 300GS program, please contact exit300gs@yale.edu.

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